Changing the Catch Rule

Roger Goodell set to review catch rule this offseason

With the NFL offseason approaching the hot topic of discussion is what a catch is in the NFL. Fans and players alike have been annoyed with this clear but crazy view of what a catch his. When viewers have to be taught what a catch is while watching the game there is an issue.

The highlight of the issue was shown Week 15 in Pittsburgh. With the game on the line Jesse James essentially “caught” the ball but lost possession of it as he reached for the end zone. The catch was ruled incomplete after video review and the Steelers went on to lose to the New England Patriots. With such huge implications, substantially changing the AFC playoff picture, the rule should rightfully be reviewed.

Earlier this week, NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell stated that he was in fact “concerned” with the rule and that it would be reviewed this offseason.

Hopefully this change brings a clear, logical definition to what a catch is in the NFL.


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