Hello Alex, Bye Kirk

Report: Four Years, $94 million, $72 million guaranteed.

Absolutely ridiculous. Crazy. Mind Boggling. Your kidding me right. Moving from Kirk Cousins to Alex Smith. That’s paying a game manager BIG that blows playoff leads and can’t close out a game instead of paying YOUR guy, also a game manager.


Even with all the tension between Cousins and Washington’s front office, Washington could and should have signed Kirk to a long term deal. Alex Smith will not get anything done that Kirk Cousins couldn’t have done.

I feel bad for Kirk. Certainly he will have a job hopefully in a better organization next season. But in the meantime I just want to highlight how lucrative this deal is. Paying a QB such a large amount of money for such a small body of work.

The Chiefs really did win this trade. Peacefully trading away the man that mentored their future QB, Patrick Mahomes, gaining a draft pick as well as a young talented cornerback in Kendall Fuller. Kansas City got younger, while Washington settled for mediocrity.


Sidenote; Lets not forget all the weapons Alex Smith will be without. No longer will be have Tyreke Hill, Kareem Hunt, and Travis Kelce.


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