Lakers Clear Cap Space, Look to Lure Free Agents this Summer

bench la.jpgThe Los Angeles Lakers’ rebuild seems to be going even better now that the trade deadline has past. The Lakers ridded themselves of Jordan Clarkson’s big money deal and inherited two expiring contracts in Isiah Thomas and Channing Frye. With these moves the Lakers created a significant amount of cap space that can be used to attract big name free agents this off-season.

Most notably, the Lakers can now afford two max deals. This is extremely significant towards Magic Johnson’s efforts in securing talented free agents this summer. With rumors of LeBron James leaving Cleveland (possibly for LA), the extra cap space allows the Lakers to realistically pursue James. The opportunity for James to sign a max deal as well as another top-tier free agent boosts the chances of LeBron James landing in LA.

zo bron

With the additional cap space, the Lakers will be able to afford another top player. Among the players that will be targeted are Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler and possibly Klay Thompson. The possibilities are endless for this rebuilding franchise. With the new-found money, the Lakers will look to return to NBA relevance in 2019.



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