Dwyane Wade Returns to Miami, Ends Losing Streak

Written by Guest Writer 
Michael Tuzzolo


Just hours before the trade deadline, in a somewhat shocking move, the Miami Heat sent a 2024 second-round pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers for 12x all-star Dwyane Wade. The move could not have come at a better time as the Heat were in the midst of a five game losing streak. The team has been desperately searching for someone to provide points and leadership in the back-court while Dion Waiters sits out for the remainder of the season nursing an ankle.

As you would expect, many Heat fans were elated when they heard the news of “Mr.305” returning to Dade-County. These fans were extremly excited resulting in the Heat’s merchandise sales skyrocketing, receiving “orders from more than 100 countries in 15 hours”. According to @darrenrovell on twitter, “Team merchandise is up 8000% from the previous two days.” Safe to say many Heat fans missed Wade during his 1 ½ season hiatus from the team and are extremely delighted to have him back.It was unclear how many minutes Wade was going to get in his first game back as a member of the Miami Heat. But after giving up a 9-0 run to start the game (most consecutive unanswered points to start a game for the Heat this season), Coach Erik Spoelstra decided to substitute his newest roster-addition into the game. With 5:19 left in the first quarter and the score now 13-8, Dwyane Wade checked into the game to the sound of a standing ovation.

Although there was nothing stellar about Wade’s stat line, his presence propelled the Heat to their first win in February. Wade was quoted after the game saying, “Great energy in the building…The crowd was amazing. I missed this crowd.”

With two months left in the season the Heat are right in the thick of the playoff race. One could only imagine what could happen if “Flash” and the Heat rekindle the same magic that was in Miami for 13 seasons prior to Wade’s departure.

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