The New Look Cavs

new new bron.jpgThe Cleveland Cavaliers showcased their new roster additions for the first time Sunday night against the Boston Celtics. The Celtics had been viewed as contenders in the East and the most immediate threat to LeBron and Cleveland. The results of the contest where overwhelmingly in favor of the Cavs, possibly putting an ending to the Celtics’ hopes of winning the East.

LeBron James seemed rejuvenated during the game, smiling and having a good time surrounded by young and talented scorers. The Cavaliers jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. The team coasted to a 121-99 victory against their biggest “threat” in the East. With the victory secured, LeBron spent much of the second half on the bench enjoying the performance of his newly acquired teammates.lebron-laugh-us

With the new additions showcasing their offensive talents, the Cleveland Cavaliers have begun to separate themselves from the Kyrie led Boston Celtics as well as the rest of the Eastern Conference. The Cavaliers seemed to have found a dynamic group of guys led by a now happy LeBron. Following the trade, LeBron has played with new purpose after receiving his much needed offensive assistance.

The new look Cavaliers are certainly a new threat to the NBA. The Warriors in particular will be watching as the Cavaliers’ team chemistry grows.

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