The Future of Nick Foles

After an improbable playoff run that ended in a Super Bowl victory and an MVP trophy, people are beginning to wonder what the future for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will be.

With one year left on his contract Nick Foles is set to return to Philadelphia in 2018. After his stellar Super Bowl performance, questions began to emerge on the quarterbacks future. In response to some of those question I would like to say there is no quarterback controversy in Philadelphia. The Eagles’ front office is planning on the return of Carson Wentz to the starting position prior to the start of the 2018 season. Barring any setbacks with his injury, it is realistic for Wentz to be ready for the start of the season.

open armn nickyThis run by Nick Foles certainly proves the value of having a reliable backup quarterback. The Eagles have to believe that Nick Foles is their backup quarterback. As Wentz recovers from complete tears in both his MCL and ACL, the Eagles’ front office will be weary of trading Nick Foles until Wentz has proven that he is back to complete health. Nick is a crucial part of the roster given the aggressive, athletically wild style of play of franchise quarterback Carson Wentz. Not to downplay the athletically gifted Wentz but his style does make him more prone to injury, making Foles an even more valuable commodity.

There will obviously be trade talks targeting Foles this off season. The Eagles will listen to the calls, hear what the market has to offer for their Super Bowl champion backup quarterback. Every player has a price. And that’s what the focus will be for the Eagles front office. What is the price?

Keeping Foles as the backup through the duration of his contract seems to be the most likely scenario. With Wentz recovering from injury, Foles could be the ultimate safety net. A Super Bowl MVP as a safety net, can’t get much better than that.