Super Bowl LII Reaction

What a thriller of a game. Nick Foles showed up and played the best damn game of his nick-foles-wife-daughter-super-bowl-14 (1)life. I never saw any panic from him, he just showed up and balled out. Foles treated the Super Bowl like any other game, shredding the non-existent Patriots defense. Doug Pederson’s genius play calling was on full display as Foles had every opportunity to use the weapons surrounding him, as well as making some stellar plays himself (you know; that one time he CAUGHT a touchdown pass).

Unlike I predicted, Belichick could not make the halftime adjustments needed to win the ball game. Matt Patricia’s defense had no answers all night. Forcing Brady and the offensive unit to carry the Patriots. And boy did Brady carry them. A 40-year-old man threw for 505 yards on 48 passing attempts. Come on, think about that, that is insane. Brady threw for 500 yards in a Super Bowl, the first QB to do so, allowing three receivers (Amendola, Hogan, Gronkowski) to have 100+ receiving yards. New England only committed one penalty and only punted once and some how it wasn’t enough. Who would have thought…

brady field sit.jpg

Entertaining every step of the way, the sports world watched in awe, admiring the beauty of such an unpredictable sport. Philadelphia most likely will not survive the night but, it sure is cool to see droughts end and people rejoice in happiness. Sports fans always win. Nick Foles won. Philadelphia won. Meek Mill won. For the first time in history, The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl Champions.