Colin Kaepernick, Johnny Manziel, and Tim Tebow

The Death Sentence for an Average Quarterback

Three athletes with resoundingly different stories. A group consisting of an extreme party-boy (Manziel), an extreme advocate (Kaepernick), and an extreme christian (Tebow). All quarterbacks. All out of work. The things that may seem to bring them apart truly make them one in the same.  

Kaepernick has recently been the most discussed of the three previously mentioned quarterbacks. Kaepernick has been subject of discussion for the Washington Redskins quarterback position. Washington recently was hit with two quarterback injuries but chose to move in another direction (away form Kaepernick). This decision sparked numerous debates indicating that Colin Kaepernick was being unjustly treated by the NFL for his role in protesting, which involved kneeling during the national anthem. 

I see this controversy in a completely different light. Similarly to the two former NFL quarterbacks listed above (Tebow and Manziel), Kaepernick is being cut out from the league by NFL general managers and owners. Contrary to the belief of most media, I believe this is simply because he is a distraction rather than the complicated issue of Kaepernick protesting the National Anthem.  

In the NFL, there is simply no room for a distraction at backup quarterback. The backup should not receive more attention than the starter; the backup should serve to improve the starters performance and assist the team in dire position, when needed. Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel are perfect examples of a distraction at backup quarterback. Both commanded more attention than their play warranted, granted for polar opposite reasons. Each are no longer employed. I see Kaepernick in a similar light. He created such a movement and became such a polarizing figure that it is not in a teams best interest to bring Kaepernick in as an emergency backup quarterback. Kaepernick would create unnecessary conflict when the presumed starter returns, ultimately hurting the culture within the team. Bringing Colin Kaepernick would be a dangerous game. Bringing in Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel would warrant the same risk. In the case of backup quarterbacks, being unseen and unheard is what a franchise would prefer.