Clips Trade Griffin

BlakeLA’s Number Two Clearing Cap Space

The trade of Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons was essentially a money dump and an escape from an unworthy deal. This money dump gives the Clippers a sense of freedom they didn’t have before the trade.

But with this cap space comes the idea that the Clips will be making a push for LeBron this offseason. A push they can now afford.Lebron

Money aside, why would LeBron ever join a rebuilding effort after suffering the chaos known as the Cleveland Cavaliers. To me it’s just absurd to think that the Clippers have even a remote chance at landing LeBron. Not only will the Clippers have to compete with the rest of the NBA for the LeBron, the greatest player on the planet, they also will have to win being the number two in LA behind the youthful Lakers.

Clearing cap space is wonderful. Looking to restart is promising under consultant Jerry West. Striving for the future is happy and visions are good. But this vision better begin without LeBron James.