College Football Reaction: Kelly Bryant to Mizzou

When I watched the transfer announcement video posted by Kelly Bryant, announcing that he would be transferring to Missouri, I had an uneasy feeling on the dynamic that was being promoted. The situation itself felt off, Bryant felt like a free agent rather than a NCAA promoted “student-athlete”.

Kelly Bryant on his official visit with the Missouri Tigers

There was a sweepstakes for Bryant that I really cannot remember seeing before. This further confirms that the current system in place for college athletics is outdated. College education is no longer truly associated with athletics. Bryant lost his starting quarterback position on the football team, but his academic standing never changed. Bryant still left the university immediately, withdrawing from all academic classes, and announced he was searching for a new school.

Kelly Bryant had every right to transfer and take advantage of his last year of eligibility but to me, it all came off wrong. It showed the clear priority was athletics, not being a student. So, it is time to call them what they are, athletes, and look at a change to the system.